The Spanish Armada. Age group 7-11 Channel 4 DVD

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3 x 20-minute programmes

In 1588, Phillip II of Spain launched the greatest fleet ever to sail against England; the Armada. This vivid three-part drama reconstructs the events surrounding the defeated Spanish invasion and give an overview of the political and religious tensions of the time.

The action is set against a background of daily life amongst seamen, merchants, and families, both rich and poor. Pupils’ interest will be engaged by the role and perspective of younger characters in the unfolding events, while the unfolding drama encourages an understanding for the key events and social history of the Elizabethan era.

Curriculum Connections

Cause and effect of a major historical event
Attitudes, beliefs and lifestyles
Divided loyalties of English Catholics
The lives of rich and poor people in Tudor Times
Characteristic features of Tudor society
First Encounter
Family Against Family
Included FREE on this DVD are embedded support materials to help with classroom discussions and activities

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