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C4 DVD Science Bank – Chemistry Physics and Science. 443371

Three series on a single DVD with 22 x 15 minute programmes.. An invaluable resource bank of practical demonstrations.

Clear close-up view of experimental procedures though 3D graphic explanations. Real life value of each application is explained.

Part One:

Raw materials, Electrochemistry, Reactivity, Motion of Particles,Waves, Electromagnetic spectrum, Electricity and Magnetism, Biological reactions, Cells and Tissues, Energy and cycles in nature

Part Two:

Industrial Chemistry, Reactions and Energy changes, Forces and Motion, Radioactivity, Responding to stimuli, Homeostasis.

Part Three:
Atomic structure,Patterns of Behaviour, Circuits, Heat, Food and digestion, Body parts.

Age 14-16 Key Stage 4 and GCSE Scottish Level SG NQs 4 Learning DVD