Romans Celts And Vikings – Channel 4 Schools DVD

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Romans Celts and Vikings  – Channel 4 Schools DVD 443657

Features four of the most popular Channel 4 educational series about the Roman Britain. Two children visit a dig on a Shetland Viking site in Here Come the Vikings! The story of Barates, the Syrian, who sold silk flags to the Roman legionaries on Hadrian’s Wall.

Maths from History explores the use of mathematics in ancient Roman culture.

Here Come the Vikings!

  1. They Came From the North
  2. The Vikings in Britain
  3. Digging Up the Vikings
  4. Romans and Celts

Topics: Migration and settlements – Life and society – Vikings – sites in Britain. Explores archaeological evidence.

When the Romans came to Wales. Looks at Celtic and Roman ways of life.

  1. The Eagles Have Landed
  2. Lice in Your Tunic
  3. The Tiger on the Floor
  4. The Horse on the Hill
  5. The Wolf From the East

The Celts

  1. Daily life
  2. Celtic and Roman Conflict
  3. Military life.

The Romans

  1. Daily life
  2. .Trade and Communication
  3. Travel in the Empire

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Channel 4 Learning Primary DVD: 13 x 15 minute programmes. Age 7 – 11